What We Offer
  • Mitch Speigel – Mortgage Agent
    Your Mortgage Group Professional
    Kora Management
    License #M08003984, FSCO #10315

  • KORA Management has established a wide range for financing capabilities and services that fit your needs. Our years of involvement in public affairs, both national and international business organizations, and as a result of our years with a publicly traded real estate development company has allowed us to bring you some of the best financing opportunities available.

    Financing is available from traditional and non-traditional investment sources – for both knowledge-based and asset-based companies.

    We can help you with:

    Mortgage and business financing (finding appropriate equity investors)

    • We offer both first and second mortgages (residential and commercial), reverse mortgages, finance home purchases, assist with debt consolidation to pay off credit cards and even home refinancing. We also help with getting you access to your home’s equity, for lifestyle and investment purposes.
    • Not interested in mortgages? Consider a rent-to-own arrangement with us, we’ll walk you through how it works.
    Searching for and procuring project financing
    • Finding the funds for your project can slow down your entire process if you’re searching through traditional financing sources. Unlike your typical lender, private lenders take into account your project’s overall value and marketability as opposed to only your credit history. We can find the lender that fits your profile.
    Developing business plans for presentations to lenders
    • We’ll help you develop powerful business plans (in a format acceptable to financial institutions) that target your lenders, showing them the value of your business and how they can benefit from a relationship with you.
    Preparing project proformas, with self-developed software
    • Performing a pro-forma analysis is no easy task, even with the help of today’s computer software. Let us help you with it.

    Additional services we offer:

    • Finding recruiters for international marketing partners
    • Construction and real estate development advice
    • Income acceleration and business coach through Vemma.

    For more information on what we can do for you, please send us a message or call us at 1.866.435.3748