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  • Mitch Speigel – Mortgage Agent
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    License #M08003984, FSCO #10315

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    KORA Management

    Formed in 1995, to take over the property management and finance functions of those companies for which the present personnel had been working, KORA Management has expanded into Residential and Commercial Mortgages, Debt Consolidation, Equity Financing and Reverse Mortgages through, Mitch Speigel, mortgage agent with The Mortgage Group.


    Mitch Speigel – Mortgage Agent

  • Along with residential loans, Mitch Speigel and Kora Management specialize in loans that the banks won’t do. His interest in reverse mortgages came with his gray hair and his own need to re-think his home financing. “The concept of reverse mortgages caught my attention and the more I researched, the better I liked a reverse mortgage option for myself and to suggest to other homeowners over 55 who also hold equity in their homes.”

    Mitch welcomes his association with The Mortgage Group and their residential mortgage expertise and now his association with Home Equity Bank and their CHIP Reverse Mortgage program.

    “For over thirty years, I have developed, built, managed and financed commercial, industrial, residential and institutional buildings, throughout Ontario. Today, I offer that experience, on a consulting basis, to those who might not have that experience, or who might not have the time or the staff that is required.”

  • Client Feedback

    "Just to let you know that a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  I really appreciate your hard work! Thanks!"
    – Nicola

    "Just saying thank you doesn't seem enough. I hope you know how really appreciated you are. Thank you for helping a stranger in need."
    – Valerie